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We traveled to Albuquerque, NM, for 2 specialties and 4 days of all-breed shows.  We are so proud of Amigas' Hope, rewarded with Winners Bitch from the 9-12 puppy class for a 4 point major by Judge Diane Pilbin.  Hope was also Best Puppy and received an Award of Merit.  What a great day for her!  On Saturday, Slider was Best of Opposite Sex for Grand Champion points and Freebie was RWB to the major.  Freebie had her day on Sunday, being awarded Winners Bitch for a 4 point major, best OH and OH Group 3.  Monday rolled around and the boys decided they should step up their game.  Amigas' Hawkins was Winners Dog for 3 points and Slider was best owner handled.  Finally, Tuesday and a very tired crew.  Hawk  repeated as Winners Dog for his 2nd major and Freebie was Reserve again.  We had a safe trip home and look forward to dogs growing coat.  Hawk-man has 12 points and is just 13 months old.  We wonder how long it will take to get those last 3 singles!!!

Shannon and I had a wonderful time at DFWLRC specialties and at Potomac.  Our dogs showed nicely and Amigas' Hope was Best Puppy on 4/7/18 and Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes!  She also placed 2nd in Sweepstakes at Potomac in another lovely line-up of 9-12 puppies.  Amigas' Hartley experienced her first shows and roadtrip and made good progress.  She placed 1st and 4th in Sweepstakes and 2nd on Saturday in regular classes in 6-9 month puppies.  Amigas' Houston was in the ribbons at DFWLRC both days and placed 2nd in Sweepstakes and 3rd in regular classes at Potomac.  Amigas' Hitchcock (Hartley's littermate) placed 3rd in regular classes at Potomac.  He wasn't entered at DFWLRC because we were showing another 6-9 month puppy, Amigas' Holland, who placed in sweeps.  We ate crab cakes and seafood feasts with good friends each of the 3 nights and enjoyed safe travels by God's grace.  

Amigas' Hawkins made us proud in January 2018, going Winners Dog and Best of Winners both days at Glen Rose, TX (Nolan River KC) for his first 4 points.  He earned 2 more points in Midland, TX, on Friday and was Reserve Winners Dog on Saturday.  Meanwhile Amigas' Doolittle is having a blast.  He was Select Dog at Glen Rose on day 1 and Best of Breed on day 2.  In Midland he was Best of Opposite Sex on day 1 and Best of Breed on day 2.  Owner Handler Group 4 on day 2.  He earned a few more points toward his Bronze Grand CH.  Amigas' Sky's the Limit from Bailiwick was Reserve Winners Bitch in Midland under Edd Biven.  We look forward to the upcoming specialties!
2017 ended with another thrill at the Coastal Carolina supported entry in Savannah, Georgia, where Amigas' Sky's the Limit from Bailiwick (Joe x Bandera) was Best in Sweepstakes under Allison Bates and Reserve Winners Bitch from the 9-12 puppy class under Sally Bell.  Thank you judges, it was a wonderful day.  Amigas' Hawkins won all 4 of his classes.  Amigas' Harmony won her sweeps class on Sunday, was 2nd in regular.  Slider earned an Award of Merit on Saturday.  We know all good things come from our Creator and we thank Him and ask that all is done to His glory.  

**2017 RECAP**
HOTLRC: Amigas' Harmony - Best in Sweepstakes
Amigas' Sky's the Limit from Bailiwick - Best Puppy
Ch Bailiwick's Slip Slidin' Away to Amigas - Select Dog 10/26 & 10/27 (specialty) and another Coursing Ability qualifying run

LRC of Greater Denver:  New Champion Bailiwick's Slip Slidin' Away to Amigas Winners Dog BOTH days, JAM on the 2nd day.    Amigas' Sky's the Limit from Bailiwick (Joe x Bandera) - Best in Sweepstakes and Best Puppy on Day 2
Bailiwick's Geronimo's Cadillac "Mikey" (Joe x Groovy) - Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes on Day 2.  
Amigas' Fannin - Best Bred By
New Junior Hunter
"Rio" (CH Banbury's High Crimes & Misdemeanors @ Amigas CA JH) trained by Cheri Bates